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This Week in Family Law Newsletter

Issue 21-08 - February 29, 2021

The End Of Excess

Schieder v. Gajewczyk, 2021 CarswellOnt 883 (S.C.J.) - Himel J.; and 2021 ONSC 640 - Jarvis J.

Even if You're Happily Married - It Might be Time for a Serious Talk

L.T. v. D.T. Estate, 2020 CarswellBC 2982 (C.A.) - Harris, Goepel, Abrioux JJ.A.

A Quick Review about Reviews

Verkaik v. Verkaik, 2020 CarswellOnt 18860 (Div. Ct.) - Penny, Kristjanson and O'Brien JJ.


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