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Welcome to Our Dispute Resolution Centre.

Our Dispute Resolution Centre (DRC) is dedicated to creating cost-effective and sustainable family law solutions and resolutions. We strongly believe in exploring new and innovative ways to resolve disputes that seek to preserve the financial, physical, and psychological integrity of families.

At its core, the DRC is focused on mediation, collaboration and cooperation to help people feel more empowered about their family’s future success. We provide mediation services for families who wish to be more involved in the outcome than in traditional litigation in court and for those that realize out-of-court settlements usually result in more creative settlements than available in the court process.

Our Goal.

The primary goal of our Dispute Resolution Centre is to make our lawyers accessible to clients, lawyers, and other family law professionals. With an abundance of specialized skill sets, our DRC team can be a valuable resource for anyone looking to find creative, efficient, and practical solutions to family law disputes outside the traditional court system.

Why Us?

At Epstein Cole, it is family first. We have a depth of historic and institutional knowledge, insights on shifts and trends in family issues, and access to resources that put us at the forefront of family law. Other firms may offer alternative dispute resolution services, but we feel it is important to have an entire centre dedicated to dispute resolution to complement our litigation services.

Our DRC offers much more than mediation and arbitration. We have experience and an understanding of what families go through during separation or divorce. To us, it’s not just about the law – it’s a sensibility and sensitivity to the lasting negative effects that a traumatic family breakdown can have on our clients that is important to us. Sometimes court is necessary. But sometimes, there is a better way.

Our Depth.

The depth at Epstein Cole comes from a history of litigating and settling cases, shaping family law and institutional credibility.  We know how to resolve family law disputes by drawing on decades of experience.

Our Team.

The collective skill and diversity of our lawyers has earned us a reputation of credibility in the legal community. We are respected by family law counsel and recognized for our forward-thinking alternative dispute resolution methods by the court and other professionals. Our team’s approach is practical, efficient and compassionate while our goal is to find the best solutions for each individual situation.