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Family first. 

We focus on what is best for you —not just today, but also into the future. We take the time to listen and understand your goals. We know that each family law matter is personal to you, and we strive to formulate an effective strategy to achieve your goals in a cost-efficient manner. 

The mark of a great advocate is knowing when to be – and when not to be – in court. Sometimes, we will litigate in tandem with negotiation. Our approach is one of nuance, judgment, and sophistication. While we advocate for mediation and creative solutions, we are proud of our reputation in court based on our decades of experience. We ensure that our clients are prepared and that they know exactly what to expect in court. With Epstein Cole you will have a litigator in your corner at all times. 

Our clients can expect superior service, dignified advice, and exceptional advocacy. We work in cost-efficient teams which can include a mix of partners, associates, law clerks and law students so that there will be someone with eyes on your case. 

We take a considered approach. 

With family law, there is frequently intersection with other areas of law such as tax, real estate, corporate, estates, trusts, employment, criminal and immigration. We take the entire family’s interests into consideration and evaluate all of the issues which may affect our clients when determining which course of action to take. Our ability to see the big picture enables us to provide exceptional advocacy inside and outside the courtroom. And if we think you are making a mistake, we will candidly tell you. 

We’re agile. 

Family law is constantly evolving and we are always up-to-date. There are many different means to resolve a family dispute and we work with our clients to consider your options. We are constantly evaluating your case and strategy, especially to factor new facts into the equation. We never lose sight of the fact that in family law, real people with real lives are at stake. 

We’re resolution-focused. 

At Epstein Cole, we have cultivated a reputation for being ethical, fair, and practical. Judges and opposing counsel can expect that we are well-versed in the law, have extensively prepared our case, understand the complexity of the issues, and approach any situation looking for a fair, reasonable, and forward-thinking resolution. 

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