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We understand your needs.

Our clients are as diverse as the issues they bring to us and come from a range of backgrounds.  There is no "one-size-fits-all" in family law or in our approach to helping our clients.  We represent you.


  • Particular expertise is often necessary to address the special circumstances and issues that can arise during separation where one or both parties is an entrepreneur, is self-employed or owns their own business.
  • Important considerations include: ensuring the viability of the business; fair and accurate assessment of income from the business for the purposes of property division, child support, and spousal support; and the continued operation or division of jointly-owned businesses following a relationship break-down.
  • Epstein Cole has the depth of knowledge and experience that business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals, and their spouses, can rely on to protect their personal and commercial assets.
  • By thoroughly examining all aspects of the business or self-employment structure, we provide creative, effective, tax-effective and cost-efficient family law solutions – or advocacy -- that are tailored to protect and preserve your personal and professional best interests.


  • When matrimonial matters must be resolved in court, a number of factors can complicate the already challenging process of litigation including complex financial matters, property division, child protection issues and domestic violence.
  • When we represent a party in complex court proceedings, we apply our deep litigation experience in tandem with other methods of dispute resolution to handle any family law matter in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.
  • We have the expertise and skill to navigate the complex and rigorous court process and an excellent reputation before judges in Ontario and other Canadian jurisdictions.


  • High net-worth families or individuals require the guidance and representation of lawyers who are experienced in the various complex areas of law and tax planning which might be engaged.
  • High net worth and intergenerational wealth transfers present a unique set of considerations when dealing with child and spousal support, property division and issues of confidentiality.
  • Factors such as corporate income, international holdings and tax efficient measures may complicate property, child support and spousal support negotiations and resolutions.
  • Property division may involve complex corporate restructuring, business valuations and third-party interests.
  • Not only do the lawyers at Epstein Cole have the expertise and skill to effectively navigate these complexities, we provide absolute discretion for parties who may be public figures or whose businesses depend on confidential and sensitive information.
  • Often, it is in both parties’ best interest to resolve their family law issues through alternative dispute resolution rather than through litigation and the lawyers at Epstein Cole are highly effective in managing even the most complex cases through negotiation, mediation and arbitration to come up with the best possible alternatives for all involved.


  • Parents in high-conflict disputes may struggle to agree on contentious issues such as decision-making, children’s schedules and parenting rights after separation.
  • In some cases, parties can resort to hurtful and detrimental behaviour which can alienate a child from the other parent.
  • At Epstein Cole, we handle high-conflict disputes with skill, empathy and vigilance in order to protect the best interests of any child involved.
  • We strive to get to know our clients and understand the unique circumstances that underly the high-conflict nature of the dispute allowing us to provide individualized counsel and representation that is focused on achieving the best result for you and your children.


  • Family law cases with international or multi-jurisdictional elements, where parties reside or have assets in another country, add a significant layer of complexity to the already challenging nature of separation or divorce.
  • Our lawyers offer the breadth of knowledge, strategic advocacy and creative solutions that your case requires when dealing with prenuptial and marriage agreements, international divorce and separation, international relocation, division of property and assets, issues involving remarriage, inter-jurisdictional child custody and child abduction.
  • We also provide critical access to expert and credible professionals in other jurisdictions through our long-standing membership in the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL).


  • Complex financial matters may also engage prudent tax planning and corporate structuring.
  • The supervision of experts involving the valuation of assets can be a very important aspect in such cases.
  • We have the ability and familiarity with financial issues to ensure that you have the best comprehensive advice — no matter how complicated.


  • When a party disagrees with a decision made by the family court, they can appeal to a higher court to review the case in some circumstances.  The appellate court may change or reverse a ruling.
  • Parties wishing to appeal or respond to an appeal benefit from the specialized guidance of a lawyer who is well-versed in the nuances of the appeals process.
  • At Epstein Cole, we have the knowledge and experience to act for you in an appeal or a defence to an appeal and we are often retained by trial counsel to act in appeals.
  • Given the expense of an appeal, we can also offer opinions as to the strength and likelihood of success of your appeal.


  • Family matters for LGBTQ2S clients may require forward-thinking advocacy to navigate the legal challenges and obstacles that you may face.
  • Our lawyers are committed to ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of LGBTQ2S clients in the family law context by protecting your legal rights and advocating for more-nuanced resolutions where required.


  • For lawyers and other professionals, reputation is critical and when it is called into question, the consequences can be devastating.
  • At Epstein Cole, we take pride in providing sound advice and experienced representation of lawyers facing professional negligence claims, and potential claims.
  • Our firm is a designated Preferred Counsel by the Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company.