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An Investment in our lawyers.

At most law firms, performance is evaluated on a retroactive basis, perhaps only once a year. It’s the standard, out-dated law firm evaluative system.

Following the lead of many multinational, cutting edge corporations, Epstein Cole has turned that system on its head. Instead of a retrospective evaluative system, we provide a forward-looking Associate Development Program. Our emphasis is on ensuring that each associate is developing into an outstanding family law practitioner by giving them the support they need to align their practices with the firm’s expectations and partnership criteria. In addition to a robust mentoring program, associates meet with their mentor and Associate Partner every four months to discuss their professional growth and goals and how to continue to achieve success.

We provide associates with a detailed skills inventory for every stage of their career to ensure that they understand what it takes to become an exceptional family law lawyer and, ultimately, a partner. At Epstein Cole the path to partnership is not cloaked in mystery. Our associate development system is predicated on transparency, communication and continuous support.

If you would like to apply for an associate position, please email Roslyn M. Tsao, in confidence, with your cover letter, resume, undergraduate transcripts and law school transcripts.