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2022 OBA Award of Excellence for Family Law in Memory of James McLeod

Roslyn M. Tsao

Roslyn M. Tsao, Managing Partner, is the 2022 recipient of the OBA Award of Excellence for Family Law in Memory of James McLeod.  

Each year, the Family Law Section of the Ontario Bar Association ("OBA") presents the Award for Excellence in Family Law, in memory of James G. McLeod and considers the following:


The award should recognize any or all of the following:

  1. teaching of Family Law and practice
  2. taking tough cases forward and precedent setting cases, and/or involved in advancing the practice of alternative dispute resolution
  3. development of Family Law, including lecturing, scholarly writing, lobbying, and development of policy and family law legislation, including new directions involving inter-disciplinary and comprehensive approaches to dispute resolution
  4. enhancement of the practice of Family Law
  5. leadership in the Family Law Bar
  6. The Selection Committee shall consider OBA policies, rules and guidelines on Diversity and Inclusion when selecting the winner of the Award.