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EC Offers focused Private Dispute Resolution at Flat Rate

Where both counsel are under 10 year calls

Lack of neutral evaluation and ADR options can delay family law resolutions. Court resources are especially limited during COVID and, with this initiative, Epstein Cole is offering counsel a way to help their clients address interim issues like disclosure, temporary parenting or support arrangements, and process and other procedural matters. 

With an emphasis on "focused intervention" to help families move their cases forward toward resolution, Epstein Cole will be offering 2 hours of Private Dispute Resolution for flat fee of $350 (inclusive of HST) with one of our senior lawyers in cases where both counsel are under 10 year calls.  We will endeavour to arrange these sessions in 2 to 4 weeks of retainer.  Our goal is to respectfully and professionally share our experience in an affordable way, during these unprecedented times, to assist families in legal disputes.

We look forward to extending our Dispute Resolution Centre services to a segment of the family law counsel/client population who have particular need, anywhere in Ontario, during Covid on an affordable basis.

Please download and refer to our simple Retainer Agreement which sets out all details and procedure.  

Epstein Cole is committed to access to justice for family law clients through all means of skilled dispute resolution.